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Lama Shenphen Rinpoche, is born in Western France, in 1969. Very early in his life, various special signs manifested during, and after, his birth. As a young child, Rinpoche was surprisingly interested by philosophical concept, as reincarnation. Rinpoche connected with Tibet really at age 13, reading a book, and had some visions of his previous life, of landscape, mountains, of what will be understood later has the place he lived in Tibet.
Age 15, Rinpoche discovered His capacity for healing from His hands, and started to benefit people with it. Lama Shenphen really engaged himself into Buddhism at age 16, when a Tibetan Lama came in his town (Lama Gendun Rinpoche, from Kagyu tradition). After some teachings, Rinpoche went to Nalanda Monastery (close to Toulouse - France). When Rinpoche saw some men dressed as Tibetan monk He was "full of joy". In a way, He was feeling back home. Almost the same day, an important Lama arrived also at Nalanda: Gomo Tulku. This was in April 1985. It is during an appointment that Gomo Tulku, explained Rinpoche the meaning of visions He had when He was younger, telling him that He was the rebirth "of a great practitioner in Tibet". Gomo Tulku gave Rinpoche lot of important transmissions and informations. In 1990, being 21 years old, Rinpoche took the full monk ordination with His Holiness the Dala?-Lama in Dharamsala. Around the same time, Rinpoche met an Oracle in Dharamsala, who told Him He has been living in a monastery of East Tibet, destroyed by Chinese invasion. In 1992, deeper investigations, done by melong-readers and Lamas will bring the fact that Rinpoche was the Tulku of Lama Gendun Rabgye, from Kharnang monastery (Kham) - where the enthronement finally took place in 2003. For many years, Shenphen Tulku has been engaged into different social and humanitarian actions. "Titles are words, which doesn't always mean much. We can judge a tree by the fruits it produces. To teach Compassion, humility, and such, is very nice, but one should also find ways to practice all this!". Still today, under the banner of "AMCHI Association", Rinpoche is supporting over 60 Tibetans in exil (and some in Tibet), helping water and showers project in India.
Between 1998 & 2001, following the request of Khyabje Zopa Rinpoche, Spiritual Director of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition, Shenphen Rinpoche will be director of a retreat Centre in Greece. Then, Rinpoche went to Spain, to open a small center, till 2002. Meanwhile, Rinpoche was more and more solicited to teach in several countries of Europe. Since 2001, Shenphen Rinpoche is also travelling in the World to represent Buddhism in various occasions, mostly in Peace meetings and Conferences, sharing the message of non-violence of Dharma.
September 2002, answering the request of a group of people, Lama Shenphen Rinpoche arrived in Slovenia. The "Tibetan Buddhist Congregation - Dharmaling" is registered to the Government; Rinpoche is the Abbot. The "International Foundation for Mahayana Buddhism Dharmaling" is registered to the Court of Kranj, in Slovenia, supporting various projects and the Congregation. In Slovenia, a rather intensive program of teachings and practice is taking place since 2002, through the Congregation Dharmaling, which became from far the largest Buddhist community in the country. Rinpoche receives people four afternoons per week, for healings and personal appointments.
The actual main project is to set up a European Dharma and healing Centre in Slovenia. But to find a land close to Ljubljana and finance such project is a difficult task. Rinpoche do teach and receive people for hand-healing in several countries as Austria, France, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Romania, Spain, Tibet, and India.

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