Humanitarian Concert "WORLD PEACE IS IN YOUR HANDS"

Numerous Croatian artists have decided to support the initiative of His Holiness Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda in active promotion of the message of peace and tolerance. As visible support towards the achievement of that noble goal, they will perform at the humanitarian concert named "World peace is in your hands". You can enjoy in Croatian folk songs, dance and traditional and rare instruments.

The Concert will be held on
Sunday, October 9, 2005, from 18,00 till 19,30,
in the Concert Hall Vatroslav Lisinski in Zagreb (after the Summit).

The price of the ticket is 4 € / 30 kn and profit of this concert is dedicated for the victims of war in Croatia. Among many performers, there will be KUD Uljanik (Pula), KUD Filip Devic (Split), KUD Bukovac (Zagreb), Putokazi (Rijeka), Dunja Knebl and many more …

We are looking forward to your coming!


Goran Karan was born on the 2 April 1964 in Split, Croatia.
In eighties he begins to occupy himself with music. At beginning of 1997 he begins his solo-career, and in 1998 he won the "Zadar-fest" musical festival with the song "Kazna mi je što te ljubim". At the end of that year, he stars as the main male role in the musical "Rock It" staged at "Ronacher" theatre in Vienna, in Viennese production which is compiled from the eight most popular musicals, from late sixties onward: "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Grease", "Hair", "Tommy", etc.
Goran Karan releises his first solo-album in 1999. It was the best-seller in Croatia and has reached 'platinum' number of sold copies. Same year he won the most prestigious Croatian music festival "Melodije hrvatskog Jadrana" with the song made by Zdenko Runjić titled "Prozor kraj đardina". In the poll done by Croatian daily newspaper "Slobodna Dalmacija", as well as in the polls of many other Croatian magazines and radio-stations, he has been chosen for the "Singer of the year". Song "Lipa si, lipa" has won at the "Hit ljeta" festival in Pula.
Goran Karan had done until now many important concerts. He is very successful as solo performer, and because of the great interest of public, in the February and March 2000 he has done four big solo-concerts in the Concert Hall "Vatroslav Lisinski". TV recording of the concert at the Split Peristil (summer 1999) has been nominated for the world TV festival "Golden Rose of Montreaux". In June 2000 Goran Karan has done succesfull tour on the USA West Coast. The end of the tour "Kao da te ne volim" he has marked with the specacular concert at the Bana Josip Jelačić Square in Zagrebu, that was recorded by the Croatian National TV.
At "Dora 2000" with the song "Kad zaspu anđeli" Goran Karan wins the first place, and therefore represents Croatia at the Eurovision contest in Stockhlomu. He won prestigious discography award "Porin 2000" three times, for the "Best pop music album", "For best male vocal performance" and for the "Best vocal cooperation" (duet with Mr. Oliver Dragojevic).
Same year he performed at "Zagrebfest", and had tourneys in Croatia, Slovenia, Swiss, Germany, France and Slovakia.
At the end of 2001 Karan visited Turkey where he had several appearances within the promo-tour. Appearances got extremely well media attention, with interviews for 10 TV houses, as well as the interview for the Cosmopolitan magazine.
Year 2003 had begun with the Canadian tour, after which came Australian and New Zealand tours, and than the preparation for the main role in Croatian musical "Grgur" by Zdenko Runjić.
Year 2005 is extremely successful. Goran Karan won two prestigious musical festivals with the song "Ružo moja" - in Split and at "Sunčane skale" in Herceg Novi. At Kninfest he won 5 awards with his song "Lipo misto". In the mean-time, he published new, fifth album "Od srca do usana", and he performs at the concerts all over Croatia, Slovenia, Bosinia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Austria, Swiss, and for the end of this year he plans the tour in Australia and New Zealand.


Cultural- art society "Bukovac" is one of the oldest folk society in Zagreb and Croatia, which has been promoting cultural heritage and national traditions of this part of Croatia for many years.
A long time ago in 1935. and in 1936. HSPD "Bukovac" has appeared on the first and on the second Croatian folk festival in Zagreb. One of the first appearance of this group from Gornji Bukovac was registrated on the festival on 16th June 1940 in Zagreb.
By the initiative of people from Bukovac the society was established again in 1976.
Today the society has been present on different folklore festivals. It is also known outside of Croatia - society has appeared two times on Oktoberfest, on the Conference about World Peace in Vienna, on the folklore festival in Czechoslovakia, they were gests at the Croatians from Gradisce. One of the latest apperiance was on the gallant concert of the most successful businessman of Austria. In that occasion there were invited new members of EU as well as Croatia of which they were representatives.
The society is active in three sections: folklore sections of children and adults as well as Croatian old instrumental section, and it has about ninety active members.
For their own contribution of talking care the cultural heritage and folk tradition it was given the Charter of the town of Zagreb on its eighty jubilee.

Mixed klapa "Filip Devic"

Mixed klapa "Filip Devic" (a traditional Croatian small folk choir) was founded in 1978 as a part of the cultural-art society of railroaders "Filip Devic". Its members revive traditional Dalmatian folk songs, old local melodies as well as pop songs performed in their specific klapa way. It is also not rare to hear them singing, while followed by musical instruments, the most famous songs from the Split Music Festival and from the Melodies of the Croatian Adriatic Sea.
Folk songs performed in their particular way became very soon evergreens and they were accepted by the public with great enthusiasm. The artistic quality of their performances has also been appreciated by many music critics.
During their artistic career, the klapa had numerous performances both in Croatia as well as in many other parts of the world, among which Australia, New Zeland and USA.
The klapa released many albums in collaboration with other parts of their society, and three individual albums named "Piva klapa ispod volta","Sicas li se Splita grada" (songs dedicated to the town of Split in occasion of the 1700 anniversary of its foundation) and "Noci u Dalmaciji".


Putokazi are one of the most exceptional and unique music groups on the Croatian popular scene since 22nd of February 1984. The multi-voiced performance is followed by sophisticated orchestrations and incorporated into dance and theatrical movements of the vocalists. They are the first ensemble who promoted this type of artistic expression in the Middle and Eastern Europe. Till now more than 600 young singers from 15 till 25 years of age "grew up" in Putokazi, which helped them to form their own attitude towards the music and life in general and thanks to which they also received many awards and recognitions.


FOLKLORE-ART GROUP "ULJANIK", established in 1967, is the only folklore group in Istria and one of the few of the kind in the entire Croatia whose repertoire besides the traditional folklore dances from the local area also consists of folklore dances from almost all parts of Croatia. The group also enriched its programs with dances from the neighbour countries - Slovenia, Bosnia and Serbia and Macedonia. Authors of their choreographies are: Stjepan Celic, Salko Salihi and Nerina Stajner from Pula and Milivoj Miljan from Repusnica. It's worth pointing out that this group, under the guidance of Drago Draguzet, fosters the original musical heritage - original Istrian songs and melodies played on traditional Istrian instruments, as well as original songs from other parts of Croatia, excellently performed by the orchestra under the leadership of Mr. Josip Lebar. Every year the folklore-Art Group "Uljanik" presents its program on numerous concerts both in Croatia as well as abroad - during the last 10 years they performed more than 350 concerts in almost all countries of Europe, and they also participated on many regional, national and international folklore fairs and festivals. During the years the folklore-Art Group "Uljanik" received for their artistic work numerous acknowledgements and awards.


Dunja Knebl was born in Zagreb. She has lived in the USA, Indonesia and Russia. Most of her life she was a translator and language teacher whereas her favourite hobby had always being singing folk songs from different countries. After discovering in 1993 that thousands of folk songs from her own country had never been recorded, she began interpreting and recording songs she finds in books. Besides recording seven albums, she has participated on many compilations. She is the sole author and performer of two theatre performances where she sings songs from the countries she has lived in. Besides taking part in various gigs/concerts/festivals/TV shows in Croatia and abroad, she has workshops where she teaches participants to sing traditional folk songs. Her repertory is very wide, and now includes several hundred Croatian folk songs alone. She performs to her own guitar or small percussion accompaniment or with other musicians. Info: www.dunjaknebl.com

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